Cinnamon Roll Apple Cobbler

Meet my friend Jeff Tillett!

Jeff and Cinnamon Roll Apple Cobbler Ingredients

He made this easy and delicious Cinnamon Roll Apple Cobbler at the February DOG (Dutch Oven Gathering) and he kindly agreed to share this boy scout approved dessert with me.  He came up with the idea for this recipe when cooking with his scout troop.  His first version was to put the cinnamon rolls in a layer on the bottom of the cobbler, but that didn’t turn out like he wanted, so he revised the recipe to incorporate the cinnamon rolls IN the cobbler.  I think this is a super smart Dutch oven recipe for outdoor cooking because it has just four ingredients, is easy to assemble, and packs in lots of mouth-watering flavors and texture.

Open two tubes of cinnamon rolls, remove and set aside the container of icing, then cut each roll into fourths and place a 12-inch camp Dutch oven.

Cutting up cinnamon rolls

Open four 20-ounce cans of your favorite apple pie filling and pour over the cut up cinnamon roll pieces.  Mix the cinnamon rolls and apple filling together.  Mixing up cinnamon rolls and apples

In a separate bowl, prepare two boxes of Krusteaz Crisp Topping according to the directions on the package.  Pour the topping over the apple and cinnamon roll mixture.
Crunchy Topping

Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes by placing a circle of 9 hot charcoals underneath the Dutch oven and a circle of 15-16 hot charcoals around the lid of the oven.  Turn the lid clockwise and the oven counter clockwise every 10 to 15 minutes.
Ready for Icing

Drizzle icing from the cinnamon rolls on top…..
Jeff's Cobbler Ready To Eat

… then dig in!

A Serving of Jeff's Cobbler

Check out Jeff’s website Too Seek Adventure for more inspiration!
Jeff's Cobbler

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